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Helawrap is protective tubing for bundling and shielding cables, wires and hoses in industrial and data networking environments. The unique overwrap construction of Helawrap allows for quick and effortless wire branch outs at any point along the cable harness which helps to reduce mechanical stress and over-bending caused by movement or vibration. Helawrap can be removed and reapplied easily, and is available in several colors and sizes to address most standard applications. The flame inhibiting properties of Helawrap make it an ideal choice when fire safety is a consideration to the application. Accessories include retaining clips and mounting plates designed specifically for the Helawrap cable cover. A convenient applicator tool is supplied. Click here to see the complete line of products.

Helawrap Instructions


Insert one or more cables into the insertion slot of the applicator tool.


Place the applicator tool in one
end of the Helawrap cable sleeving.


Simply slide the applicator tool through the Helawrap sleeving.

For More Information


Download the Helawrap Brochure


Download the HWPP Datasheet


Download the HWPAV0 Datasheet

Helawrap Video

Video showing how to use the Helawrap line of products.

Length = 1:41


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